DHBI Cattle dehiding machine

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    Cattle & sheep butchering equipment

General Data

– High-strength stainless steel chassis activated by three single-action hydraulic cylinders to ensure its entirety, flexibility and resistance in all its uses
– Stainless steel drum
– Two hydraulic motors built into the drum
– Both work platforms made of stainless steel with non-slip floor and residual water collection tank with vertical drain column
– Platform movement makes the job easier, putting the operator further away from any part of the machine. Each platform has built-in hygienic equipment
– Machine movements are progressively controlled by a hydraulic manipulator
– Tetanizing arm with two electrodes gradually adapts the animals and prevents their spinal column from rupturing
– Hook support lifts the carcass and lessens the weight to be borne by the aerial unit


80 carcasses per hour (including skinning the head).